CAREASCEND is on a mission to automate regulatory workflows to reduce time spent and improve compliance for all healthcare providers.

Medical Directorship Engagement & Compliance

Financial transactions with physicians are one of – if not the most high-risk areas for a health care provider.

OSHA Respiratory protection program

Reduce stress of your frontline teams and workforce disruptions by burdensome OSHA regulations for Fit Testing by automating the whole process to be completed within a few minutes.

Survey Alert and Management

Facilities prioritizing survey management are likelier to thrive in the complex and highly regulated healthcare environment. Maintain regulatory compliance and facility reputation, provide high-quality care, protect the facility's reputation and finances, ensure resident and family satisfaction, minimize legal liabilities, and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Vaccination Tracking

Our customizable workflow simplifies employee vaccination policies for all types of vaccinations, including flu, COVID-19, hepatitis B, and TB. Quickly generate compliance reports.

Federal Survey Readiness

Ensure regulatory compliance, maintain a positive reputation, protect against financial risks, and, most importantly, provide the best possible care for their residents. It is an ongoing commitment to excellence in healthcare delivery and organizational operations. Be Survey Ready Every Day

Compliance Self Assessment

Ensure regulatory adherence, maintain the safety and well-being of residents, foster continuous quality improvement, and sustain their financial viability and reputation. Ours is a proactive approach that supports the overarching goal of providing the best possible care to residents in your facilities.

Emergency Preparedness Plan

An emergency preparedness plan is essential for safeguarding the health and well-being of vulnerable residents and maintaining the facility's credibility and compliance with regulations. A well-thought-out plan and regular training and drills help ensure the facility can effectively respond to various emergencies and provide the best possible care to your residents in challenging circumstances.

Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement Action Plans

Optimized Resource Allocation, Staff Development, Competitive Advantage, Accountability and Transparency, and Adaptation to Changing Demands will improve Regulatory Compliance and Clinical Outcomes.

Facility Evaluation, Quality & Metrics

Reduce burnout and enhance team engagement and communication by facilitating meaningful and timely exchange of feedback between the facility’s key leaders.

Team Engagement & Performance feedback

Reduce burnout and enhance team engagement and communication by facilitating meaningful and timely exchange of feedback between team members, including the medical director.

Knowledge dissemination

Improve clinical competences & outcomes by sharing knowledge with various team members to promote learning.


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We help Acute, Post-Acute and Long-Term Care providers to engage with their teams with purpose to achieve regulatory compliance to deliver quality care to patients and their families.

We have streamlined and automated the regulatory compliance workflows that aligns your teams.

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